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Want great reads from debut authors? You've come to the right place.

The bigger publishing houses pay to put their books under your nose, which is why the book-buying public – avid readers like you – see the same titles in magazines, reviews, best-seller lists and high street book stores.

That’s fine for most. But some readers want to discover the next big thing, the new talent, before everyone else. And they’re more likely to be with small, independent publishing houses like ours when starting out on their writing career.

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Book of the Month

A Little Pick Me Up

Katie Portman

Whether read in one sitting or a book you continually return to for a quick confidence boost, Katie Portman's debut book 'A Little Pick Me Up' is as inspiring as it is motivating.

As women, we have a greater mental load than our counterparts in previous generations, and it's easy to become lost as a person as we tend to everyone else's needs over ours. 

Katie's book empowers readers to put themselves first, to reclaim their voices, to question if they're getting everything they want to out of life.

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...about 'A Little Pick Me Up' by Katie Portman

"The book isn’t a ‘how to’ book, more of a ‘here’s the deal and this is why’ kind of book.

Refreshing in its approach and the perfect pick me up when a little wisdom or motivation is needed."

- Lisa

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