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That’s fine for most. But some readers want to discover the next big thing, the new talent, before everyone else. And they’re more likely to be with small, independent publishing houses like ours when starting out on their writing career.

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Book of the Month

Eat. Sleep. Control. Repeat.

Sophie Mei Lan

This honest, compelling, insightful memoir is the epitome of the proverb 'fall down seven times, stand up eight' - which means never giving up hope and always striving for more. 

Sophie has faced more challenges in her young life than most, yet she refuses to let her experiences see the worst in others. She's a  devoted advocate for better mental health services and she dedicates her time towards giving a voice to the oppressed and marginalised in society.

FOREWORD by Eamonn Holmes

Meet the Authors

  • Sophie Mei Lan

    Sophie Mei Lan is a multi-award-winning vlogger, blogger and qualified journalist who specialises in mental health and wellbeing; she has worked for local and national press and achieved international acclaim for her work.

    Since setting up her own family, mental health and lifestyle blog in 2015, Mama Mei (MamaMei.co.uk), she has regularly appeared on television and in the press, including: ITV’s Good Morning Britain, BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire Show, The Independent, Metro and Grazia Magazine. She is also a regular contributor on BBC radio. She began vlogging professionally in 2017. Her YouTube channel has 43k subscribers and more than 19 million views (youtube.com/SophieMeiLan).

    In addition to creating videos for clients and the media via Evoke, Sophie is a broadcast journalist for BBC News and Channel 4 News. She also writes regular columns for various newspapers and online publications.

    Sophie lives in Wakefield with her two beautiful daughters.

  • Briony Marshall

    Briony Marshall lives in Wolverhampton, with her fiance Liam, her parents, and her gorgeous dog Bobby.

    Briony is available for talks, book signings and literary festivals. She was invited on the Slow Knitters’ podcast in America; watch the video and hear what she has to say about Unravelled, her knitting, and her future plans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnFF4Au9tO0&feature=youtu.be

    She is currently finishing the drafts of two new books: a fun, flirty rom-com entitled 'From Rags to Richie', and a follow-up (but not a follow-up) to Unravelled, called 'Hooked', featuring some of the endearing, if not batty, characters from her debut book.

  • Jilly Clark and Alyson Chattoe

    Jilly and Alyson are neighbours and good friends, and they're based in West Yorkshire. Both are dog-lovers and 'From Highlights to Lowlifes' was largely created during their daily walks, based on Jilly's experiences.

    As an advocate of rehabilitation and bringing to light the UK justice system's flaws, Jilly gives talks at schools, universities and various groups across the UK. If you would like to book Jilly, get in touch with us at info@thewritinghall.co.uk.

  • Katie Portman

    Katie Portman is an award-winning writer, qualified personal stylist and author of the self-help inspirational book ‘A Little Pick Me Up’. Her passion is to help and encourage all women to become their best and most beautiful authentic selves.

    She has over 20 years’ experience in journalism, marketing and copywriting, and is a personal styling graduate of the prestigious London College of Style.

    Her blog, ‘Pouting In Heels’, has won a number of awards and Katie also speaks at events about style and female empowerment. She lives in Barnsley and is mum to two young children.




...about 'A Little Pick Me Up' by Katie Portman

"The book isn’t a ‘how to’ book, more of a ‘here’s the deal and this is why’ kind of book.

Refreshing in its approach and the perfect pick me up when a little wisdom or motivation is needed."

- Lisa

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A Little Pick Me Up

A Little Pick Me Up



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