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A Little Pick Me Up

Katie Portman

Whether read in one sitting or a book you continually return to for a quick confidence boost, Katie Portman's debut book 'A Little Pick Me Up' is as inspiring as it is motivating.

As women, we have a greater mental load than our counterparts in previous generations, and it's easy to become lost as a person as we tend to everyone else's needs over ours.

Katie's book empowers readers to put themselves first, to reclaim their voices, to question if they're getting everything they want to out of life.

You will rediscover your self-worth as award-winning blogger Katie shares her story and the tools and techniques she uses to overcome the dark emotions women tend to feel: jealousy, regret, guilt, powerlessness...

Katie shows you how to cut through your negative self-talk. Turn your 'woe is me' into your 'wow is me'!


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